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The Binding of Isaac loading screen

The Binding of Isaac is the main game that we play. It was created by Edmun Mcmillen. It is about a Kid called Isaac lived with his mother until she heard the voice of God calling her. It said that Isaac was corrupted by sin. So Isaac's mother locks isaac in his room and removed all his toys and other things. Later the voice telled that God wanted to Isaac's mother sacrifice Isaac. She goes into his room and isaac opens a trapdoor and falls into his basement.

The game is a top-down shooter where you collect diferent items, fight bosses and go every time down bellow fighting harder monsters and bosses until you kill your mother.

The game is based on "runs". You only have 1 life and if you die you need to start all over again unless you found an item that gives you more lives, getting new items and finding different stuff. If you want to see the games wiki click here.

A member of our group, Little Steven, was a boss in this game. He is also a familiar after defeating the boss,however its a small chance it will drop Steven wich is a damage upgrade or you may re-roll it if you have a D6(dice).