This page is about the villains that we know. Every one of them is a worse enemy of one super hero.

Lex MinthorEdit

Lex Minthor is a robot on a green suit. He wants to be a president and has a green suit made by Lex Co. Lex Co. makes robots and everything related to machines, thats the reason nobody suspects him to be a villain. He can fly but is when none is looking so he doesnt get busted. He likes to make traps for our Super Heroes. He's worse enemy is Super Video.


The Fetuser always a trick up his sleeve. He has no problem escaping Arkham Asylum. He is a white fetus with green hair. He has a purple suit. Nobody likes him. His worse enemy is Batmeat. The Fetuser is known to use gags and jokes not only to annoy Batmeat but also to use against people.


Veven is a corrupt version of steven