Takoyama/Hairdressing Octopus/Little Steven/Dr. Fetus' hard work failed. He tried to delete all the pages in this wiki, but he needs the admin or a moderator to actually remove the pages forever. Epic fail right here. -Video

I think Video is mad. Like actually seriously. His breath must smell terrible with all of that bullshit coming out of his mouth.

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And i'm going to eat you for breakfast




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Takoyama thinks everyone in the group is racist while he is the racist one. -Video

Shut up, nigga. -Takoyama

See? -Video

Nobody's even looking at this wiki anyway, so what's the point of saying "See?" -Takoyama

xD So true

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Little Steven has turned into Takoyama and fucked around with the wiki because why the fuck not.

Little Steven has turned into no-one and Video is a butthurt.