Super Meat Boy is a game about a male cube of meat in love with a girl made of bandages that isnt that cube-ey but not far either,however Dr Fetus hates everyone because nobody likes him*forever alone face goes here*

Our meaty hero(who happens to write this page) will have to go trough many dangerous enviroments helped by some "friends" such as Commander Video who is slow but can float or Steve(aka Mr Minecraft) who can build and break blocks,thus breaking the whole game,however the controls arent like in Minecraft.

The chapters are:

I-The Forest where our hero was staying with his girlfriend before being knocked out and having fetus kidnap BG

II-The Hospital with an intro similar to Castlevania on the NES

III-The Salt Factory in wich our hero goes sadly(perhaps to suicide) but finds BG there

IV-Hell,after a fight of epic proportions with Dr Fetus Meat Boy gets killed however not even Satan can keep him from true love

V-Rapture in wich our hero is in a modern city trying to save his love

VI-The End where our hero has his final fight and defeats Dr Fetus

VII-Cotton Alley where the first chapter's intro is used but with the oposites,Meatboy gets kidnaped and BG must save him

The game also features Warp Zones wich are gonna take you back to the past,to play some good games as meat boy but with 3 lives wich are restored if you pass a level,4 levels/warp zone or other games where you play as OTHER characters wich give u UNLIMITED LIVES like the real Super Meat Boy game and after you finish the game you unlock the character,those warp zones usually have cutscenes,such as the ogmo one where meatboy realises he cant make a jump and ogmo comes over and does it for him,however BG mistakes ogmo for Meat Boy.

Fixed the page, as Meat Boy was too lazy to do it himself.