Did you know that in our group there's super heroes? Well this heroes are very,very,very especial.

There are 3 super heroes that you must know: Batmeat, Little Spidey and Super Video. Their indentities are unknown.

Here's all information of the heroes:

Super VideoEdit

This hero has an S on his front also a rainbow cape with another S. He is black and tall, he is the tallest of all of them. He can shoot fiery rainbow projectiles that explode on contact. He has x-ray vison and he can fly. He is fast and has an AMAZING strength that makes him able to lift up cars with one hand. He is unknown but theres a rumor that he came from another planet or from space.You can see his strength when he breaks crystals with his legs,his only weakness is kryptonite wich makes him weak an unable to fly. He still has his x-ray vision. He's worse enemy is Lex Minthor .


Super Video

Here, take this picture with you.


Batmeat seems to be the most serious of them all and it is known to have a lot of gadgets like Meatrangs,sonic meatrangs,a grapling hook and many more,known and unknown

He is known to have a Batcomputer and a watch that can be used to use the batcomputer at any time.

His sidekick is Meatin,he had more Meatins trough his career*curently searching for a meatin*

Things we now and dont know:



Skin Colour:Red

Costume main colour:Black


Batmeat seen seconds after arresting the joker for robbery

Little SpideyEdit

Little Spidey is the shortest of the bunch and he looks coincidentally like spiderman. he can shot web that can stick to anything, he can fly, he can teleport and he has fast reaction times. he came into being by being bitten by a Super Spiddley.
Little steve spiderman