Saint's Row:The Third is what some call,"GTA on crystal meth" 

What's it about?Edit

Saint's Row:The Third is a free roaming game with insane mechanics,such as vehicle surfing,minigames such as driving hos around(wich in mp co-op is the 2nd player) while they have sex with important people,insane customization on the player,insane clothing,insane weapons(a purple fucking dildo)

So...?What does it have to do with the group?Edit

Well,we play it from time to time(really often) and beat it doing different things each time(changing characters). insane is it?Edit

BORING                                                                               BORING

REALISTIC    (============================0=====) INSANE

FORGETABLE                                                                      FORGETTABLE 

0 is the marker to where the game is on this bar