NL's YouTube profile image.

Northernlion is a YouTuber that the group likes to watch. Hes a bald man that all he does in his life time is play video games. Before he started doing that, he was a teatcher.

Games he plays and played.Edit

Right now he plays: The Binding of Isaac, Spelunky (sometimes), and nothing more really. He played: Super Meat Boy, Scribblenauts, Braid, Fez, FTL, Terraria, Gish, Cave Story, and more.

Other things.Edit

Northernlion makes things called "Let's Look At", wich he reviews a new or old game, though he often reviews new games. He also livestreams some times.

Northernlion also made "memes", that everyone that watches him loves.

Examples: Stupid Damage, NL's Coffee Maker, The ____ Story, etc.

Northernlion's thumbnails are a picture of a game character (or an object if the game doesn't have any characters) with his face.