The Members are the following:

Officers(again,insert joke about trolls) are the following:

Meat Boy-owner

Commander Video-good friend and the donator of a copy of Bit Trip Runner

Little Steven - the character stuck in steven's head on Time Fcuk, also a familiar in TBOI. he is the best drawer in the whole group. he is now Takoyama (Hairdressing Octopus). We won't make a page about Takoyama because we are too lazy to do it, and no one would care for it like almost all of the wiki.

Normal Members:

Wilson: Meat Boy's best friend IRL. Character from Don't Starve. 

Burning Halo of Flames-the kind donator of a copy of SMB,since Meatboy doesn't have a credit card

People that we are searching for:

Anybody from Super Meat Boy,wether the PC version or X360 it doesnt matter(especially a bandage girl)Commandgirl Video since we have a Commander Video(page in construction)

Anybody from a game made by Edmund McMillen

"I wanna join,what do i do?"

type your first steam alias ever and then - your current steam alias(the character)

Requests for invite:

example:Hitman41165-Super Meat Boy