Since our group is a gaming group mostly(that and discusions,and no,not about politics because we dont want to see in a newspaper A man was last known talking in a chat about suiciding because of the politics) so here are all the games we play,wether only a few of us do or the whole group is a whole other question

so lets start with the main one

Super Meat Games:

Super Meat Boy(i would have never guessed it)

Team Fortress 2(meatboy only plays it rarely on week days and mostly on weekends)

CS:GO Beta(Meatboy only)

The Binding of Isaac

Bit.Trip runner(special thanks to Commander Video for gifting it to Meat Boy)

Borderlands (Commander Video is the only one that plays it)

Games from the cube pack (from a steam offear, it has QUBE, RUSH, EDGE, BIT.TRIP Runner, Blocks that Matter. Little Steven and Commander Video have that pack)

(insert more games here once we think of more we play)