Currently in Beta(Meat Boy has the beta version) is a shooter from a series that Meat Boy never liked to begin with but this one is better,for instance they saw what they forgot to add in CS and CS:S*wich is a source version of CS* is more Shotgun Rain and Meat Boy loves the Arms Race and Demolition mode

Arms race is a game mode in wich you just kill the oposing team for weapons,on kill your weapon gets changed from the best weapon there is to the worst,the final being a golden knife wich was used in a snapshot made by Meat Boy with the caption Hellos Pewdie wich is a refrence to Stephano.

Demolition is the same thing but no more respawning and you only get your weapons after the round,and if you get more than 1 kill you also get grenades however with NO kills you will keep the weapon you had.